Fill your art journal with beautiful art even if the blank page terrifies you

This free mini course teaches you how to make beautiful pages with a simple, proven process carefully designed for beginners, without any overwhelm and the fear of an empty page.

Art Journal Starter Course

Free course for beginners so you can finally start making art with more confidence and skills and forget the blank page fear.

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    Ivana Leko

    Artful Haven

    Who am I?

    As an art journaling enthusiast, I love sharing and helping beginners start their art journals with ease, so you don't feel like a scared beginner anymore. I'm giving you all the fun and creative shortcuts so you can easily find inspiration and confidence to make art more freely.

    What will you learn?

    • the best way for creating your pages every single time, even if you don't feel like a strong artist and the blank page freezes you
    • how to start by using images & prompts and get instant inspiration
    • what supplies you need to start
    • how to experiment with your supplies and create amazing pages even when you don't feel super creative